Everyone’s Best Friend!


Diamond is the birthstone of April. The hardest and most valuable gemstone, Diamond is usually a clear white color. Diamonds are almost always cut as a “brilliant” a type of cut made so that light entering the top “splits” into it’s six colors and at the bottom bounces back up to the viewer as a “rainbow” of colors.     

    There are many famous Diamonds such as the Cullinan Diamond, the largest Diamond in the world. Nine large Diamonds and Ninety-six smaller ones were cut from it, the largest of the nine, the Star of Africa, is in the British Royal Scepter. The second largest, the Cullinan II, is in the British Imperial State Crown below the Black Prince’s Ruby (really a Spinel) and St. Edward’s Sapphire. There is also the infamous Hope Diamond (Rumored to bring death to it’s owners), and a large Diamond sold at an auction for about $16,50,000 (16.55 Million dollars), that’s enough to buy quite a few “Jumbo Jets”!

     The Diamond in the picture (zoomed in real close) is set in a ring given to my mother by my great-grandmother (on my dad’s side).       

Hardness: 10


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