Amethyst, a deep purple crystal


Amethyst is the birthstone of February. Usually a translucent purple at the top and white at the bottom, It is frequently cut as a gemstone, being the beautiful purple wine color (to me, Amethyst looks like purple ice) . An ancient Greek myth says that once, the wine god Dionysus went into a terrible rage, and swore that the first person he passes would be eaten by tigers. And that unlucky person happened to be the beautiful girl named Amethyst. Just then Athena the goddess of wisdom saw what was happening and to save Amethyst turned her into a large stone. Dionysus became sorry and poured an offering of wine on the stone (Amethyst) . That is how, according to the myth, the stone Amethyst was formed.

I used to flatten wire and make rings, and one of the first stones I used was a tiny polished Amethyst stone.
Hardness: 7.0


1 thought on “Amethyst, a deep purple crystal

  1. Jonathan Harris

    Caleb said- Many people seem to be born in Feb.!Soon I’ll be posting my birthstone (the birthstone of August, guess!) My birthday is August 3rd (turning 11)


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